10 Best Pharmacy WordPress Themes 2022

The goal of this selection of themes is to make it as easy as possible to create a professional-looking pharmacy website with WordPress. Whether you want to create an online pharmacy store that sells items online or build a website to promote your pharmacy, there are some great themes in this collection that can help.

As these themes all have lots of useful eCommerce features, you can create an online store that has everything your customers are likely to expect.

All of the best pharmacy WordPress themes either work with a page builder plugin such as Elementor or come with extensive customization options to enable you to create a unique website that represents your brand in a memorable way.

1. Pharmacy

Pharmacy Theme

Pharmacy has been designed for creating online stores for drugstores and other similar businesses. The different demos of Pharmacy let you quickly set up your new website.

As this is an eCommerce-focused theme, it comes with all of the templates any good online shop should need, including stylish product category pages, individual product pages, and the checkout and shopping cart areas.

If you need to edit any of the Pharmacy templates, you can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to do so. As Elementor can be extended with its own set of add-ons, you can unlock a whole world of creative possibilities when you choose this theme.

  • Downloads – 1,268+
  • Rating – 4.29/5
  • Price – $59

2. MyMedi

Pharmacy Theme

MyMedi has lots of skins and modules for your pharmacy website. To help you build your website, MyMedi gives you a selection of skins to choose from, which change its overall design and style.

Also, as new skins have been added with each major update, there’s a good chance that you’ll get even more in the future. The eCommerce features of MyMedi enable you to display how many items are in stock, share a product rating, add a list of product features, and more.

Thanks to this, you can customize your site in even more ways than before and also create immersive slideshows to showcase your pharmacy and its products. Product bundles and quick views are two more eCommerce features of MyMedi.

  • Downloads – 1,246+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $59

3. Medik

Pharmacy Theme

Medik is a WordPress theme with a strong medical focus. Among the many uses for this theme is creating a WordPress website for a pharmacy.

Although there isn’t a specific demo that’s been designed for building pharmacy websites, there’s a good chance that any of the demos would work well for this type of project. As long as you plan to sell medical-related products online, you should find that the templates of Medik will work well for your online pharmacy site.

To help you enhance your eCommerce store at no extra cost, Medik comes with a WooCommerce extension for adding a wish list feature to your website. Medik also has some custom widgets to help you upgrade your sidebar areas.

  • Downloads – 1,198+
  • Rating – 4.88/5
  • Price – $59

4. Medizin

Pharmacy Theme

Medizin is a medical equipment theme with some pharmacy-friendly templates. If you plan to focus on selling medical equipment and other similar items from your online pharmacy website, then Medizin is an obvious choice.

The pharmacy website of Medizin will probably be the preferred option for most people reading this guide; however, the other demos could also work well for this type of site.

To help make the eCommerce aspects of your website work particularly well, Medizin has a few useful and relevant features. This includes countdown timers for promoting special offers, lots of tools for filtering products and displaying items how you want, and a built-in product quick view feature.

  • Downloads – 931+
  • Rating – 4.89/5
  • Price – $69

5. Medilazar

Pharmacy Theme

Medilazar is an online medicine shop and pharmacy theme with multiple demos. This theme should have everything you need to launch an online pharmacy website that can sell a wide range of products.

Medilazar is built to work best with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin for WordPress, giving you lots of options when it comes to setting up your website and its online store.

In addition to the eCommerce templates for the online store part of your website, Medilazar has many other useful templates. Examples include the About, Contact, and FAQ page templates, not to mention a full set of blogging layouts.

  • Downloads – 695+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $69

6. Medicor

Pharmacy Theme

Medicor has more than 10 pre-built demos that are related to medical and pharmacy websites. The Medicor demos all feature homepages that are packed with different sections to give this vital part of your pharmacy an interesting look.

They are also all focused on building websites that sell products online, and due to this, they have lots of different templates for displaying your inventory on your site.

If you do plan to build an online pharmacy or medical equipment store with WordPress, there are lots of good reasons to build it with Medicor, including the various shop page templates and the product filtering tools.

  • Downloads – 565+
  • Rating – 4.32/5
  • Price – $58

7. Clarivo

Pharmacy Theme

Clarivo is a WordPress theme for pharmacy and medical websites. Thanks to a small but well-designed selection of demos, Clarivo covers a good range of styles, including a website design for promoting an offline pharmacy as well as one for building an online store that sells the types of products you might find in a pharmacy.

To help you stay in touch with your website visitors, Clarivo has a built-in newsletter signup form. Once you’ve connected this form to your email marketing service of choice, visitors can sign up to receive emails from you whenever you have an announcement to make or update to share.

Clarivo has the right type of design and style for creating professional-looking pharmacy websites.

  • Downloads – 507+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $49

8. Medibazar

Pharmacy Theme

Medibazar is a medical equipment and online pharmacy WordPress theme. Whatever you want to sell online, from health products and medical equipment to masks and pharmaceuticals, Medibazar was built for creating these types of websites with WordPress.

The templates of this theme all have very modern designs that will give your site a contemporary look that’s suitable for a pharmacy website or similar type of project.

If you check out the Medibazar demos, you’ll notice that all of the homepage templates have interesting layouts that are ideal for showcasing your key products. They also have sections for displaying daily deals, feedback from customers, and logos related to the brands you sell.

  • Downloads – 465+
  • Rating – 4.94/5
  • Price – $49

9. Diza

Pharmacy Theme

Diza is a purpose-built WordPress pharmacy theme with lots of mobile-first templates. While all good pharmacy WordPress themes look great on smartphones, the Diza templates have been designed to look their best on small screen devices.

That’s not to say they don’t look appealing on larger screens, but if you want to tap into the growing number of shoppers who buy from online stores exclusively on mobiles, then Diza is worth checking out.

To get an idea of how your site might look on a mobile device, you can see screenshots of the theme templates that were captured on smartphones on the Diza website. The video tutorials that come with Diza will help you to get your site set up in no time.

  • Downloads – 423+
  • Rating – 4.96/5
  • Price – $33

10. Nika

Pharmacy Theme

Nika is a pharmacy theme with multi-vendor support for creating marketplaces. If you want to let multiple users sign up and list items for sale at your website, then Nika could be the pharmacy theme you’re looking for.

If you like the designs of the demos and individual templates, then this theme is also a good choice for a regular online pharmacy store. To help your visitors find the products they’re looking for, you can enable features such as live search, advanced filters, and mega menus.

Customers can also leave reviews to help other visitors to your store, along with the ability to add their own photos to the reviews. Nika works with Elementor to give you lots of opportunities to customize your site.

  • Downloads – 394+
  • Rating – 4.89/5
  • Price – $33

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