13 Best Psychologists & Therapists WordPress Themes 2022

If you want to promote your services as a psychologist, counselor, or therapist online, then you’ll need a professional-looking website. For these types of services, it’s important that you’re able to answer the questions of your potential clients by providing them with all the relevant information they’re looking for.

To help you make a well-informed choice, we have collected the best WordPress themes for psychologists, therapists, and counselors, that will give you access to everything you need — all in one easy-to-use package.

While the templates and overall designs of these themes are their main features, there are other points to consider when looking for a therapist or counselor WordPress theme. This includes whether you’d like to add an online booking system to your website or the ability to collect payments online. While all of these themes will work with the best online booking plugins, some actually include that functionality as standard, making it even easier to implement an online appointment system on your WordPress website.

1. Cloe Brooks

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Cloe Brooks is a versatile option in the therapist and counselor WordPress theme category. Thanks to the online appointment booking and management features of Cloe Brooks, this could be the theme to help you take your counseling and therapy services online. This theme has also been built to work with the popular WooCommerce plugin, giving you the option of collecting payments online as well as carrying out many other financial transactions, such as selling digital and physical products from your website.

Thanks to the four different homepage layouts in the Cloe Brooks package, you should be able to find a design that works for your website. If you can’t find one that’s a perfect match for your requirements, then you can easily adjust the pre-built templates to make them better suited to your needs. Thanks to the included drag-and-drop page builder, customizing the Cloe Brooks templates will probably be easier than you think, as will creating new designs from scratch.

  • Downloads – 1,939+
  • Rating – 4.84/5
  • Price – $69

2. Optima

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Optima is a health-focused WordPress theme that therapists and counselors should find appealing. Designed with psychologists and psychology centers in mind, Optima has a conversion-focused set of templates that aim to help you turn more of your website visitors into clients. When setting up your new website with Optima, you can choose from two main homepage layout templates. One of these templates has been designed for individuals that need a professional website for their online presence, while the other layout is aimed at clinics or centers that require a modern and stylish website.

Both of the homepage layouts have lots of sections to give this vital part of your website an interesting look. The homepage sections use animation effects as they come into view, hopefully giving your website an eye-catching look. The sections of the homepage are focused on giving you the opportunity to explain how you can help your visitors, while also showcasing feedback from clients you’ve helped. Laying out the key details of your services is straightforward, too, if you choose to use one of the Optima theme homepage layouts.

  • Downloads – 1,242+
  • Rating – 4.65/5
  • Price – $59

3 Life Coach and Psychologist

Psychologist & Therapists Theme

Life Coach and Psychologist has been created for those who help people in a wide range of ways. Whether you’re offering counseling and psychology services, or you’re more of a life and business coach, this theme should work well for your new website. While the theme demo and its two homepage layouts are set up for life coaches, you can easily adjust the text and images to make them more suitable for the services you offer.

Regardless of how you want to use this theme, you should find that the templates provide you with lots of content for your website. This includes a nicely formatted text and icon grid layout that’s ideal for highlighting your key features or the main reasons why someone should work with you. Another interesting element of the homepage templates is a timeline widget that you can use to display your career or education history in an easy-to-read format.

  • Downloads – 969+
  • Rating – 4.77/5
  • Price – $69

4. Zelus

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Zelus has an attractive design that will help you create a website that looks professional yet inviting. If you’d like to make your visitors welcome and at home as soon as they arrive at your counseling and therapy services website, then Zelus is a theme that you might find appealing. The default color scheme uses pastel hues and tones to give your site a warm look. Features like the background image options for the homepage sections and the slider make it easy to upload and display positive photos and other visual content to your visitors.

Like many of the most popular counseling and therapy WordPress themes, the Zelus homepage is packed with useful elements to help you promote your services and connect with your audience. For example, the large about me section has space for displaying a photograph of yourself alongside some informative text. You can also use the collapsible FAQ section to publish answers to the questions you’re most often asked as well as outline how your services work in the process section.

  • Downloads – 953+
  • Rating – 4.88/5
  • Price – $69

5. Hypnotherapy and Psychologist

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Hypnotherapy and Psychologist is a theme that’s been designed to help you help others. If you want to promote your services online, as well as share helpful content with your target audience, the Hypnotherapy and Psychologist theme is an option to consider. Although clearly aimed at hypnotherapists and psychologists, anyone working in this field could find that this theme has all the templates they need to launch their new website.

Some of these features include large sliders for sharing welcoming images with your visitors, feature grids to quickly list your main services, and a well-designed panel for sharing some personal information on your homepage. Other notable elements that are included in the Hypnotherapy and Psychologist homepage layouts are the tabbed area for displaying information about your services and the testimonials slider that makes it easy to share feedback from clients, with an optional photo for each review.

  • Downloads – 951+
  • Rating – 4.91/5
  • Price – $69

6. Laura Anderson

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Laura Anderson should be able to help you quickly launch a website for your counseling and therapy services. Advertised as a psychology, therapy, and counseling WordPress theme, Laura Anderson has been built for mental health professionals who want to promote themselves and their services online. To ensure you’re able to get your website up and running with as little effort as possible, this theme comes with all the templates you should need.

This includes three homepage layouts to increase the chances of you finding one that’s a good match for your requirements, a page to help you quickly publish the details of your services, and a contact page template with a pre-built online form for receiving messages from your website visitors. If you like the look of the Laura Anderson templates, then you can quickly import the demo content into your WordPress dashboard, before adding your own text and images to the pages.

  • Downloads – 848+
  • Rating – 4.91/5
  • Price – $69

7. MindCare

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

MindCare is a purpose-built theme for creating psychology and counseling websites with WordPress. The selection of pre-built website demos in the MindCare package gives you a good range of options for your website. The design of these demos and their content look very professional, ensuring that your website has the right style to appeal to new clients. Thanks to the varied layouts of the homepage templates, you can choose from a few different options, including a full-width design, one that includes a slider, and another one with a left-hand sidebar menu area.

Regardless of which demo you choose, you’ll get access to lots of useful templates to help you connect with your audience and promote your services online. Some examples of the elements that make up these templates include the schedule panel that lets you share your office hours and a gallery section that’s ideal for displaying relevant photos. You might also find the online form section that’s included on some of the homepage layouts, useful for making it easy for your clients to get in touch via your website.

  • Downloads – 746+
  • Rating – 4.64/5
  • Price – $79

8. BeTop

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

BeTop is a WordPress theme for coaches, counselors, and therapists. The BeTop theme has eight website demos to give you a few different options for how your website will look. While not all of the demos are aimed solely at therapists and counselors, the others can be easily adapted, as they have been designed to help individuals promote their personal services online. However, if you’re looking for a set of templates that is ready to go, then the purpose-built therapist demo of BeTop will meet your requirements.

To help you customize your website, BeTop has been built around the popular Elementor page builder plugin. To help enhance this already powerful plugin, this theme comes with 23 extra widgets that you can insert into your pages via the Elementor interface. BeTop also gives you the ability to customize the header and footer areas of your site, giving you full control over its appearance. In addition to full support for the Elementor page builder plugin, BeTop has good reservation system integration too.

  • Downloads – 641+
  • Rating – 4.75/5
  • Price – $59

9. Psychiatrist

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Psychiatrist is a medical WordPress theme that’s aimed at psychologists, therapists, and counselors.If you want to quickly create a professional-looking website to promote your services, this theme has a good set of templates that you’re sure to find useful. With the Psychiatrist theme, you’re definitely not left to your own devices when it comes to building your website. For example, if you check out the Psychiatrist theme demos, you’ll see that there’s lots of pre-built content you can use to assemble all the different pages your website will need.

Some examples of the types of website content that these templates cover include the about page, contact page, and the services template that gives you a good opportunity to explain the different ways you can help your clients. In addition to the internal page templates, you, of course, get access to a feature-packed homepage layout. This is very important because the homepage is often the first part of your website that new visitors will see.

  • Downloads – 599+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $69

10. Menticare

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Menticare can help you create a new website to connect with your target audience and land more clients. As this is a theme with a strong focus on creating websites for psychologists, counselors, and therapists, it should have all the templates and features this type of project will require. For example, there are not only multiple homepage layouts to choose from but also a wealth of templates for all the other content your site will need. Furthermore, you get access to a varied selection of header and footer layouts so that you can choose how this part of your website will look.

Everything about Menticare is customizable, too, making it easy to turn the pre-built templates into unique designs that have been tailored for your website. You can also easily make other changes to the appearance of your website, such as adjusting fonts, changing colors, and switching the sidebar position, to name just a few options available to you when using Menticare.

  • Downloads – 518+
  • Rating – 4.60/5
  • Price – $59

11. Callie Britt

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Callie Britt is a family-focused counseling and psychology WordPress theme. If your services are aimed at families rather than individuals, then you might find that the Callie Britt WordPress theme can help you build an effective website. However, even if you are offering counseling and therapy services to the wider community, it’s still worth checking out this flexible theme. One reason to consider Callie Britt for your website is the three homepage layouts and the templates that cover the other pages your site will need.

If you do explore the Callie Britt demo, you’ll see that the homepage has some useful elements that should be able to help increase conversion on your website. Thanks to the Book Online button that’s displayed in the header, as well as the mobile-friendly call now button, it’s very easy for your visitors to get in touch once they’ve arrived at your website.

  • Downloads – 371+
  • Rating – 4.92/5
  • Price – $69

12. PsycheCo

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

PsycheCo has a stylish pre-built website demo that you can quickly import into WordPress. To keep things simple, PsycheCo has just one website demo. Thanks to this, you won’t have to agonize over which set of templates to use, as could be the case with some of the other themes in this collection that have multiple demos. Simply upload the theme files to your WordPress dashboard, then import the demo content to lay the foundation for your new website. However, this isn’t to say that you don’t get any say in how your website will look if you choose PsycheCo.

Thanks to the integrated page builder tool, you get full creative control over all of the templates that make up the PsycheCo theme package. Therefore, if you want to adjust the demo content, it’s very straightforward, whether you want to add new sections to those templates, remove sections, or change their order. Another customization option is editing the PSD files that come with this theme, in an application such as Photoshop

  • Downloads – 333+
  • Rating – 4.33/5
  • Price – $49

13. Mindron

Psychologists & Therapists Theme

Mindron works well for individuals and clinics that need a professional WordPress website. If you choose WordPress and Mindron, you could have a brand new website up and running for your psychology or counseling services in a very short amount of time. Thanks to the ease of use of WordPress and the Mindron one-click demo importer tool, you can quickly lay the foundation for your new website. However, before you get started, you’ll need to decide which of the four different homepage layouts of Mindron you’d like to use on your website.

Depending on which of the homepage layouts you choose, the front page of your website could include a large slider that shares photos and key information about your services. As your visitors scroll down the page, they can view a list of information about the types of conditions you can help people with, followed by information about you or any of the other therapists or psychologists you work with.

  • Downloads – 212+
  • Rating – 4.60/5
  • Price – $59

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