35 Best Business WordPress Themes 2022

One of the aspects of your business needing the most attention is arguably your website. And while having an online presence is absolutely essential, you may struggle in finding the right theme for your needs.

Running a business is time-consuming, and at last count, there were still only 24 hours in the day. Apportioning your time is important — otherwise your customer base goes elsewhere for their services, and all of your hard work is for nothing.

Choosing a suitable theme for your business isn’t hard if you know what to look for. A solid bundled contact form plugin enables customers to make contact with you, and a means of displaying your business and location information prominently is also essential.

Below, we’ve scoured the internet and presented over 35 of the very best themes out there suitable for your business.

1. Avada

Business Theme

With more than 790,000 downloads, Avada is one of the most popular business themes around, and with good reason. You can choose to have a classic layout, a grid layout, and more.

It’s WooCommerce-enabled, so you can use it as a store. It’s fully responsive and retina-ready, has premium sliders, and includes seven header designs.

The theme’s demo features an impressive 86 pre-built homepage styles and a multitude of page template options. If you’re interested in including a portfolio on your site, there’s no shortage of options there either.

  • Downloads – 827,975+
  • Rating – 4.78/5
  • Price – $69

2. The7

Business Theme

The7 is a responsive multipurpose theme that can grow and change with your business. Just looking at the numbers, this theme boasts two design styles, four header layouts, 600+ available fonts, unlimited background colors, and 12 included skins.

If that weren’t enough, The7 comes pre-loaded with the Layer Slider, Slider Revolutions, WPBakery Page Builder, and Go Pricing Tables premium plugins in addition to WooCommerce support.

Tons of shortcode options and styles let you design your site to suit your individual tastes. Whether you want parallax functionality, a landing page style design or a more straightforward layout, it’s all possible with The7.

  • Downloads – 267,206+
  • Rating – 4.76/5
  • Price – $39

3. Enfold

Business Theme

Enfold is responsive, retina-ready, and allows you to install demo content with the click of a button.

And if you like having options, you’ll get more than you bargained for with this theme. There are so many potential combinations, you could easily redesign your site over and over without repeating.

The demo shows 11 different homepage designs, nine portfolio layouts, six blog layouts, and a variety of page styles. Enfold’s shortcodes, pre-loaded skins, and layout builder let you customize even further. Functionality-wise, the theme supports WooCommerce, Form Builder, GravityForms, and bbPress.

  • Downloads – 241,989+
  • Rating – 4.80/5
  • Price – $59

4. Bridge

Business Theme

Some themes pick one thing and try to do it as well as possible. Others aim for providing the broadest possible spectrum of options. Bridge is a theme that falls solidly into the latter camp.

The first thing worth noting about Bridge is that it provides over a whopping 375 demo websites to get you started. This means no matter what type of business you’re running, there should be something here that fits.

You can create nearly any type of website with Bridge, although it’s especially well suited for online magazines, blogs, restaurants, and anything involving listings (such as a real estate site). Bridge is one of those themes that’s easy to recommend for businesses of all types and sizes. 

  • Downloads – 188,103+
  • Rating – 4.78/5
  • Price – $69

5. Jupiter

Business Theme

Simple, yet elegant – a recipe for success not only for businesses but also for WordPress themes appealing to creatives. And with both of these elements present in Jupiter, just like its namesake, it’s set to go stratospheric.

There’s plenty to offer creative types with Jupiter, especially those working with visual media, such as graphic designers, filmmakers, and photographers. There’s a gorgeous-looking layout for case studies, which could easily be adapted to other types of projects, and the portfolio layouts are crisp and bold.

In short, if you’re creative and looking for a modern and stylish website, Jupiter’s functionality could well win you over.

  • Downloads – 166,587+
  • Rating – 4.72/5
  • Price – $59

6. Impreza

Business Theme

Impreza is a responsive theme that is retina-ready and uses the bundled drag-and-drop WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

The theme comes with 10 default color styles, but you can customize it to your liking with extensive style and unlimited color options.

The theme is WooCommerce-ready and supports horizontal parallax backgrounds. Adding to the value of this theme is the fact that they’ve also included the Slider Revolution plugin, so you can create an unlimited number of sliders to fit your needs.

  • Downloads – 91,833+
  • Rating – 4.89/5
  • Price – $59

7. TheGem

Business Theme

The connotations associated with the word “business” – sharp suits and boardroom meetings – aren’t applicable to every company. TheGem enables you to promote your services while staying true to the friendly approach you’ve cultivated.

Truth be told, TheGem can be either all-business or breezy and informal. By mixing and matching the functionality of the bundled WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and LayerSlider plugins, almost any layout can be created.

There’s something refreshing about TheGem, and it stands out due to its informal default look. This is a true diamond that definitely deserves your attention.

  • Downloads – 67,505+
  • Rating – 4.85/5
  • Price – $59

8. Total

Business Theme

Total is a highly rated responsive multipurpose theme that integrates a lot of the functionality that today’s online business needs. It has WooCommerce and bbPress integration, drag-and-drop page builder, single and multi-page layouts, and a number of customization options.

The theme includes parallax image support in addition to three header styles and four page title display options. With Total, you can choose from six pre-designed color skins or design your own palette options.

The theme also includes third-party tools such as WPBakery Page Builder, Layer Slider, and Slider Revolution.

  • Downloads – 51,247+
  • Rating – 4.86/5
  • Price – $59

9. Kallyas

Business Theme

Whether you’re running an online store or setting up an agency website, you need a highly-versatile theme that offers the features you need for your business to shine online. Kallyas is one such option and could be the right fit for your business.

Kallyas offers a broad range of pre-built websites for businesses of all kinds. You have over six dozen ready-to-go options to pick from, all in varying styles. They include designs for vineyards, florist shops, interior design firms, and much more.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose theme that packs in a large library of templates and features you can use to build your next website, you’ll want to add Kallyas to your shortlist of picks.

  • Downloads – 50,337+
  • Rating – 4.71/5
  • Price – $69

10. Brooklyn

Business Theme

If you’re running a solo or small business, you probably don’t have much time (or budget) on your hands to design a website. However, you’ll still want something that looks professional and well-put-together. That’s where Brooklyn comes into the picture.

This theme is a standout when it comes to providing the features you need to get your site live quickly. It includes over 40 pre-built demo websites designed for a wide variety of businesses and niches.

Brooklyn offers quite a bit more in the way of features – you can create pricing tables, manage portfolios, and so on. So, while you can do well by simply tweaking one of the starting sites to fit your needs, this theme is also a solid choice for business owners who want to go the extra mile.

  • Downloads – 45,218+
  • Rating – 4.70/5
  • Price – $59

11. Consulting

Business Theme

The Consulting theme offers a bright, casual design that may help in bringing your stellar relationship skills to the fore. This theme offers a relaxed approach to presenting your business.

The default color scheme of yellow and blue, combined with chunky font headers and clear body text, makes for an easy-to-read website. Consulting offers nine demo layouts, and any of these can be customized further using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Overall, Consulting is a well-built theme that will appeal to those focusing on showcasing the human element of their business.

  • Downloads – 24,239+
  • Rating – 4.76/5
  • Price – $59

12. Massive Dynamic

Business Theme

One aspect of a successful business is how it adapts to its chosen market, and a business website theme that does the same is guaranteed to be popular. For Massive Dynamic, it seems as though the future is going to be bright.

On first viewing, Massive Dynamic has a very Genesis-like design, complete with chunky headers, crisp typography, and good use of both full-screen image sliders and white space. Layouts are created with the drag-and-drop Massive Builder, and its flexibility – enabling almost limitless header and page design – is certainly a standout feature.

That being said, with more than 70 shortcodes to help design your website, along with the spectacularly flexible Massive Builder at your disposal, Massive Dynamic is a definite front runner for your cash.

  • Downloads – 20,402+
  • Rating – 4.55/5
  • Price – $39

13. Unicon

Business Theme

Dependable and trustworthy are two traits that should sum up any conscientious business owner to potential clients. For a theme that can help you realize a website that promotes those traits, consider Unicon.

In its default layout and color scheme, Unicon comes across as very solid without being overly stuffy. Its clean design and no-fuss layout will definitely appeal to those who want to convince clients they’re up to the task.

Finally, portfolio page layouts are very modern and stylish, but think of them as case study layouts and you’ll no doubt see how they can showcase your work to potential clients.

  • Downloads – 13,005+
  • Rating – 4.74/5
  • Price – $59

14. StartIt

Business Theme

Momentum is what drives many businesses and their ideas. If your startup needs a push forward, StartIt could be the theme for you.

Overall, this theme has a simple premise – to get you up and running quickly. To that end, there are a number of demo layouts for you to choose from, all offering practically everything you need to get set up fast. The WPBakery Page Builder is included too, in case you have specific customizations you’d like to make.

To sum up, StartIt isn’t looking to wow you with fancy features you’ll never use. Instead, it provides a solid selection of useful options without the frills. If your startup needs to get off the ground quickly, this theme is a go-to choice!

  • Downloads – 12,068+
  • Rating – 4.57/5
  • Price – $79

15. TheFox

Business Theme

With TheFox, you’ll not only get stellar foundations but a modern design suitable for showcasing creative work too. There’s plenty in this theme to appeal to the layout tinkerers, with an extensive admin panel for tweaking all manner of design elements. 

TheFox has over 30 demos to choose from, and if you’re looking for further layout customization, you can press the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin into service.

TheFox shines when presenting team profiles, About pages, and portfolios – each has more layouts available than many other themes we’ve seen, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find a way to present your staff and services to match your overall philosophy.

  • Downloads – 12,021+
  • Rating – 4.69/5
  • Price – $59

16. Hub

Business Theme

Hub is an incredibly powerful and versatile theme that can help take your business website to the next level.

Named the fastest-selling theme of 2021, this multipurpose tool is a next-gen all-in-one site builder designed for creating modern and innovative sites. It comes with over 700 premade templates, both for full websites as well as inner pages and page sections.

If you’re looking for a theme that offers both flexibility and speed, Hub is worth checking out. It can serve as a strong foundation for a business site that both looks professional and offers a user-friendly experience.

  • Downloads – 8,597+
  • Rating – 4.91/5
  • Price – $39

17. POFO

Business Theme

It’s crucial for your business website to establish the first impression of professionalism. Bold imagery and a clean, minimalistic layout are a great way to achieve this – epitomized by POFO.

This fast, feature-heavy theme offers more than 25 demos and over 200 layout templates to get you up and running quickly. The bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin lets you drag and drop layout elements such as headers, images, menus, and more into place with ease.

POFO is also ideal if you wish to add e-commerce to your website. The bundled WooCommerce plugin lets you set up a powerful storefront, while the theme is also compatible with the MailChimp plugin – great for rolling out an email marketing campaign alongside your latest product.

  • Downloads – 6,527+
  • Rating – 4.81/5
  • Price – $59

18. Ekko

Business Theme

Starting a business is never easy, and with plenty to juggle, creating a website is usually down your list of priorities. As such, a simple and efficient theme is essential. Ekko could be the solution to your problems.

This theme is a multipurpose solution that focuses on business websites. It comes with a staggering number of 50+ ready-to-go websites you can use to get up and running in a matter of minutes. They include designs for a broad range of businesses, such as veterinary clinics, law firms, jewelry shops, and more.

There aren’t a lot of themes that can adapt to the requirements of a broad range of businesses, but Ekko is flexible enough to be the perfect theme for yours. As such, we recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself!

  • Downloads – 5,766+
  • Rating – 4.82/5
  • Price – $59

19. LeadEngine

Business Theme

It’s not going to be of much benefit unless you design it specifically for that purpose. Enter LeadEngine – a theme created to help you attract and retain your target audience.

To do that, LeadEngine focuses on providing you with the tools you need to make a strong first impression. It comes with over 35 demo sites to get you started, each designed for a specific purpose or niche. Whether you’re creating a landing page, crowdfunding site, or storefront, there’s a demo pre-packed with the essential features and calls to action (CTAs).

All in all, LeadEngine provides an impressive range of options and features. If you need a business theme that’s built with your specific industry or niche in mind, it’s worth checking out the list of demos to see if one fits the bill.

  • Downloads – 4,970+
  • Rating – 4.82/5
  • Price – $59

20. Revolution

Business Theme

Sometimes, style matters more than function when it comes to building a website for your business. After all, you need to attract your target audience’s attention before they can be exposed to your message. You can accomplish this with a stylish theme like Revolution.

Revolution helps you create an attractive and unique-looking site quickly. The wide range of pre-built demos is broad enough to work for a variety of niches. Plus, they offer a selection of styles and layouts to choose from, enabling you to pick something that matches the ‘feel’ of your business.

If you want your site to stand out visually, you can’t go wrong with Revolution. It’s a theme that facilitates the design of an exciting, stylish company portal.

  • Downloads – 4,852+
  • Rating – 4.87/5
  • Price – $69

21. Exponent

Business Theme

A business that’s stuck in the past will likely rely on existing customers. In order to get new money rolling into your company’s coffers, you may want to consider a theme such as Exponent.

To start with, Exponent offers over 20 different pre-built demo websites, encompassing a variety of niches. Plus, while other themes enable you to create custom layouts through some kind of plugin, this one provides that functionality out of the box.

What’s more, Exponent includes a variety of customizable portfolio layouts, to help you display your work in an organized and attractive fashion. It also offers fast performance and compatibility with various tools you can use to bring your site into a new era.

  • Downloads – 4,438+
  • Rating – 4.91/5
  • Price – $59

22. Qwery

Business Theme

You never know when the structure, model, or branding of your business is going to change. If and when it does, your job will be a lot simpler if you’re using a flexible theme such as Qwery.

This theme  has an impressive amount of page and layout options. I particularly appreciate the plethora of industry-specific designs, for users from architects and agencies to e-learning sites and restaurants. There really is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a robust, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing business theme, Qwery is definitely worth checking out. It’s packed with features that make it an ideal and versatile choice for companies of all sizes and scales.

  • Downloads – 4,163+
  • Rating – 4.96/5
  • Price – $69

23. Consultio

Business Theme

When you tell people you run a consulting business, it commands authority and expertise. However, it takes more than a few business cards to impress prospective clients — you’ll need a professional consulting website. Consultio could be the theme to showcase your business.

Corporate, finance, and business websites often (understandably) share safer designs. Consultio ships with multiple ready-to-go page designs that don’t necessarily raise eyebrows, but are definitely eye-catching.

Overall, we think Consultio is ideal for consulting firms with a broad range of clients. We also think it’s worth a place on your shortlist, given that it’s versatile enough to help you adapt your website to each of them.

  • Downloads – 3,479+
  • Rating – 4.95/5
  • Price – $69

24. Broker

Business Theme

The finance industry is built on trust, and as such, it’s vital that you choose the right theme to portray your business in the best possible light. To achieve this, Broker is one such theme we urge you to consider.

When it comes to functionality, there’s nothing overly flashy or standout about Broker – and that’s a good thing. This theme’s value is in its overall look and feel, with its default font and color scheme complementing an understated design.

Overall, while there’s not much flash with Broker, that’s missing the point. If your business’ currency is trust and dependability, this theme will suit you down to the ground.

  • Downloads – 3,053+
  • Rating – 4.81/5
  • Price – $59

25. Cesis

Business Theme

While niche-specific themes can be useful, they often limit what you can add to your website. If you want more control over your business site’s design, a multipurpose theme like Cesis may be a better choice.

Cesis is a general business theme offering demos that can help you get started in a number of different niches. These include photography, design, fashion, and more. It then offers a flexible front-end editor, which enables you to change the look and layout of just about every element.

To be honest, Cesis doesn’t offer a lot of unique or unusual features. However, if you want the utmost flexibility and customization potential, it can be a suitable foundation for your company website.

  • Downloads – 2,884+
  • Rating – 4.83/5
  • Price – $60

26. BLO

Business Theme

The corporate world can be ruthless. Without an online presence, it’s hard for people to take your company seriously. However, if you do have a presence but it doesn’t look professional, a modern theme such as BLO may be able to help you.

BLO is a theme built with startups and corporate websites in mind. It includes six ready-to-go page layouts that can double as brochures for any corporate business. The designs are clean, modern, and feature strong default colors that inspire confidence.

Overall, BLO can help you show the world your company means real business, glossed with a veneer of total professionalism. As such, we encourage you to check it out. You may find it’s a strong contender for your next theme.

  • Downloads – 2,416+
  • Rating – 4.86/5
  • Price – $59

27. Uplift

Business Theme

Whether you’re a web developer, graphic designer, or tech startup, you’ll need the right theme to put the focus on your business, with enough ‘wow’ factor to generate interest. In other words, you’ll need a theme such as Uplift.

The first impressions of Uplift are that it’s smooth to scroll through, with clear to read text. If they’re our initial thoughts, they’ll likely be the clients’ too. While the default color scheme is rather monochrome – accented with only a hint of grey and blue – it can be altered using the built-in page builder.

A unique and standout feature of Uplift is its animations – especially when displaying team profiles. Clicking on an individual member opens their profile in a slide-in menu; it’s certainly not something we’ve seen in many other themes.

  • Downloads – 2,259+
  • Rating – 4.64/5
  • Price – $59

28. Litho

Business Theme

Litho is a creative, multipurpose theme that can work well for a wide range of business types.

This modern, colorful theme includes more than 35 unique demos that can be used for everything from portfolio to eCommerce sites. It comes with beautiful premade page layouts and the Elementor page builder plugin, making it an excellent option for beginners.

All in all, Litho is a powerful theme that offers a plethora of customization and design options. Regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll likely find everything you need to build an impressive website that converts potential customers.

  • Downloads – 2,221+
  • Rating – 4.91/5
  • Price – $59

29. Impeka

Business Theme

Impeka is an innovative, modern, and bold theme that can help distinguish your business website from your competitors’ sites.

This multipurpose theme is incredibly versatile. It boasts a cutting-edge look that can be useful to freelancers, bloggers, corporations, online stores, and more. You can choose between the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins and leverage a collection of custom blocks to create unique content with plenty of advanced features.

The distinctive look of Impeka may not be for every niche and industry. However, if you’re looking for a bold theme that will help your website make a positive first impression on visitors, it’s worth considering.

  • Downloads – 1,986+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $59

30. Corpus

Business Theme

When looking to promote any creative service, the right theme is crucial for presenting your business as current and relevant. Corpus offers a stylish design – perfect for a business with a modern outlook.

On its surface, Corpus is similar to other well-designed themes on this list, including some of the same bundled plugins. Layouts can be designed using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, and pages can include full-screen, interactive sliders using the Slider Revolution plugin. However, it’s the little things that help this theme stand out.

Finally, Corpus has good-looking portfolio and team pages. Individual team profiles are bright and inviting, while portfolio items are large and prominent, with ‘like’ counters for each entry.

  • Downloads – 1,757+
  • Rating – 4.93/5
  • Price – $55

31. Avante

Business Theme

One of the best ways to do this is with a professional website. A powerful theme for consulting firms, such as Avante, could be the ticket.

This theme targets consulting and finance firms, although its overall range is broad. Avante comes with nine pre-built demos you can import with a single click, enabling your firm to get its online presence up and running fast. Every demo features strong hero sections and blurbs you can use to ‘talk up’ your offerings.

If there’s any aspect of your design you’d like to alter, it’s possible using the bundled Elementor Page Builder plugin. The theme also enables you to ‘white label’ your dashboard, so you can feature your brand on every admin screen.

  • Downloads – 1,732+
  • Rating – 4.89/5
  • Price – $59

32. Front

Business Theme

Front is a multipurpose business theme that’s packed with modern templates.This theme has a wealth of business-focused templates that should cover almost every eventually you might face when building your new website.

To help you find the right layouts for your project, the homepage templates are divided into a few different categories, including designs for corporate, agency, and start-up websites.

As there are multiple variations of most of the templates, such as a few different agency templates, a selection of app and software business layouts, and several consulting options, it’s well worth browsing all of the prebuilt content that comes with Front to make sure you don’t miss out on the perfect set of templates for your project.

  • Downloads – 1,535+
  • Rating – 4.73/5
  • Price – $59

33. Unbound

Business Theme

The number of professional creatives online has skyrocketed over the past few years, especially with the proliferation of easy-to-use solutions to help you build a profitable business website. This includes standout themes such as Unbound.

When browsing the plethora of demo layouts this theme offers, you’ll notice that the majority are focused on agencies, freelancers, and other creative niches. These layouts work well for a variety of site types, such as one-page designs, portfolios, product showcases, and more.

Overall, Unbound is appealing to look at, and a breeze to use. What’s more, with the wealth of page creation tools it provides, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve with this theme.

  • Downloads – 1,403+
  • Rating – 4.67/5
  • Price – $69

34. Businext

Business Theme

A lot of business themes are built with creatives in mind, which is great if you’re in that type of field. However, if you’re in the financial sector you may need something more straightforward and professional. That’s when a theme like Businext can come in handy.

Businext can be used for many types of company sites, but it’s ideal for consultants, financial institutions, and similar niches. Among its 30 plus demo sites, it includes around a dozen that are focused on finance-based businesses. There are even demos specific to cryptocurrencies.

Any business in the financial sector would do well to check out Businext. It’s a no-nonsense theme that makes it simple to design a professional and information-based website.

  • Downloads – 761+
  • Rating – 4.54/5
  • Price – $59

35. Enzio

Business Theme

When you’re shopping for a theme for your business website, you’re not always looking for something from the left field. Instead, a solid and reliable theme such as Enzio can often fit the bill.

While Enzio doesn’t provide many features you can’t find elsewhere, it does bundle up all the most vital features your company site will need into one package. For example, it contains a variety of home page demos to choose from, along with plenty of options to customize colors, fonts, layouts, and imagery.

While Enzio isn’t particularly exciting, it provides a solid feature set on top of a modern, professional look. If you want something practical and aren’t interested in a lot of frills, this could be the theme for you.

  • Downloads – 276+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $49

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