7 Best Actors WordPress Themes 2022

If you’re an actor then having an online presence is essential. While you can use social networks like Facebook to promote yourself online, having your own website gives you much more control over how your profile will look and what you can do with your online presence.

Thanks to this collection of the best WordPress themes for actors, launching a professional-looking yet creative website has never been easier.

To ensure that your website has the right look for your chosen career path and audience, all of these actor themes come with lots of pre-built content for you to use when setting up your site. Many of them have multiple complete website demos that you can browse before importing one of them into your WordPress dashboard. Lots of these themes also come with page builder tools that really simplify the process of customizing your site to make it a unique reflection of your personality and acting aspirations.

1. Stockholm

Actor Theme

Stockholm is a multipurpose WordPress theme for creatives that should work well for actor websites. If you take a look at the Stockholm demos you’ll see that this theme can be used to build websites for a wide range of projects. However, there are a number of demos in the collection that would be suitable for actors who need a stylish website to promote themselves online. Among the options that should appeal to actors are the personal presentation demos and online portfolio designs.

Thanks to the flexibility of this theme, you can mix and match the templates of the different demos to create your own unique actor website. You can also edit the individual templates using the page builder tool to ensure that your pages have the right look for your purposes. Making other changes to your website, such as personalizing the fonts and colors is possible too, via the controls of the WordPress Customizer interface.

  • Downloads – 31,576+
  • Rating – 4.72/5
  • Price – $79

2. One Page Pro

Actor Theme

One Page Pro aims to keep things simple with a one-page layout that displays everything on your homepage. As the name suggests, your website can have just a single page if you choose this theme. If you’d like to make it easy and convenient for your visitors to find the information they’re looking for, then choosing a one-page theme can help. There are actually three different demos in the One Page Pro package, but the CV demo is the one that will appeal to actors the most.

By using the pre-built homepage of this demo, you can create a website that displays your photos, biography, and the highlights from your career on the homepage. Other homepage elements give you the ability to publish a timeline covering all the projects you’ve worked on, a slider that displays the logos of clients you’ve worked with, and a contact form to enable visitors to get in touch.

  • Downloads – 2,190+
  • Rating – 4.66/5
  • Price – $42

3. Formota

Actor Theme

Formota is a versatile WordPress theme with pre-built content for actor websites. Designed with movie studios and filmmakers in mind, Formota still has lots to offer actors who need a stylish and professional-looking website. If you check out the 12 website demos, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one that’s a suitable option for your actor website. So whether the purpose-built actor website demo or the director and filmmaker designs are a better choice, you should be able to quickly launch your website with Formota and its library of demos.

If you find a suitable demo that closely matches your vision for your site but isn’t quite perfect, you can easily customize and tweak its appearance. To help you edit the individual templates that make up the Formota demos, the premium WPBakery page builder is included in the package. Thanks to this, you can edit the pre-built content through a modern visual interface.

  • Downloads – 1,183+
  • Rating – 4.96/5
  • Price – $60

4. Circle

Actor Theme

Circle is primarily a filmmaker and movie studio WordPress theme that’s also suitable for actors. With multiple website demos that have been built to appeal to actors, directors, and filmmakers, Circle should be able to provide you with everything you need to get your new site online. Once you’ve used the one-click demo importer tool, you can start uploading your own content and, if you want to, make some changes to the design and appearance of your site.

As well as the stylish design, another reason to consider Circle for your actor website is the great video support of this theme. Thanks to this, Circle is ideal for anyone who wants to publish their showreel and other clips on their own website. If you check out the pre-built content of Circle, you can see how videos are displayed in this theme and how your audience can play those files.

  • Downloads – 1,020+
  • Rating – 4.63/5
  • Price – $60

5. Bard

Actor Theme

Bard is a performing arts WordPress theme that has lots of features that actors should find useful. As this theme comes with a number of specialist pre-built demos, you get a good range of options for how your actor website will look. Although only one of the demos has been specifically created for actors, you can easily adjust the other ones to suit this type of project. With tools like the premium WPBakery Page Builder included in the Bard theme package at no extra cost, making changes to the templates is relatively straightforward.

However, that’s not to say that the actor-focused website demo of this theme doesn’t have everything most people will need when launching this type of site. With a homepage area that supports video backgrounds for showing off footage from your performances and space for publishing your biography, your website should have the right look if you choose this theme. The rest of the default homepage layout has space for sharing the details of your awards and publishing a contact form.

  • Downloads – 845+
  • Rating – 4.70/5
  • Price – $89

6. Noxe

Actors Theme

If you need a website with a striking design to help you promote your acting career online, look no further than Noxe. To give you lots of options for how your site looks, Noxe comes with a selection of well-designed demos that you can use as the foundation for your new website. While you could use any of the Noxe demos, there is one that was created specifically for actors who need a stylish online presence.

If you take a look at the Noxe actor demo, you’ll see that it has a very high-quality design. Its big and bold design is ideal for making a memorable impression on your visitors. Thanks to the full-width layout of the homepage template, you get a great opportunity to display a large photo of yourself in a way that your visitors won’t be able to miss.

  • Downloads – 646+
  • Rating – 4.84/5
  • Price – $69

7. Ftage

Actor Theme

Ftage is a theme for anyone working in the movie industry as well as actors plying their trade elsewhere. In addition to the actor portfolio website demo, Ftage has designs for creating sites for film productions, movie studios, and film festivals. So whatever type of site you want to launch to promote your acting abilities or projects online, Ftage could have a ready-made website that meets your requirements.

All of the Ftage website demos have unique homepage layouts, but they also all come with their own sets of templates for the other areas of your site. These layouts cover the gallery, blog, and about pages, to name just a few, and should provide you with enough pre-built content to either launch your site or at least populate it with a good amount of pages.

  • Downloads – 607+
  • Rating – 4.21/5
  • Price – $59

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