7 Best Radio Station WordPress Themes — 2022

Whether you are building a website for an FM or digital broadcast radio station, or want to stream your radio shows exclusively via the internet, the themes featured in this collection will be able to help you quickly launch your new online presence.

Most of these radio station WordPress themes come with built-in audio players that let your audience enjoy your shows uninterrupted as they visit the different pages on your site. They also have templates for uploading your radio station schedule, displaying the details of your hosts, and publishing the archive recordings of past shows.

Some of these themes also have good ecommerce support, making them suitable for selling physical and digital products, such as music files, directly from your radio station website. Event management and promotion features are common too among the best radio station WordPress themes.

1. Onair2

Radio Station Theme

Onair2 is a radio station WordPress theme with a non-stop music player. If you want to promote your radio station online and deliver your music content directly from your website, Onair2 could be the theme that will help you launch your new site. The three demos that you get access to with Onair2 give you a range of well-designed options for your radio station website. Depending on your choice, the homepage of your site could feature a large slider that displays the latest content from your radio station, or any content that you like, including music videos.

One feature that all the Onair2 demos share is the music player that can be used to stream the audio from your radio station or play prerecorded content that you’re hosting on your site. The music player is advanced enough to keep the audio playing as your audience visit different pages on your website, providing a constant soundtrack to their user experience. As well as having good support for streaming audio, Onair2 can handle video content just as well.

  • Downloads – 5,625+
  • Rating – 4.86/5
  • Price – $69

2. Music Club

Radio Station Theme

Music Club is a flexible WordPress music theme that works well for radio station websites. Thanks to the two homepage layouts in the Music Club theme package, you get two different options for how the front page of your website will look. Not only that, but as Music Club has a built-in page builder tool, you can easily edit the homepage and other content templates to create your own unique radio station website. However, as the templates of the Music Club theme have been so well designed, there’s no need to start editing them if you don’t want to.

To help you make your radio station website useful as well as visually appealing, the Music Club theme has its own audio player functionality that lets your visitors listen to your shows via your website. If you’d like to upload recordings of your previous shows or other audio content, Music Club has all the templates you should need to organize these files so that they’re easily accessible to your audience.

  • Downloads – 3,241+
  • Rating – 4.56/5
  • Price – $54

3. Vice

Radio Station Theme

Vice is a multipurpose music theme that can help you launch a radio station website with WordPress. Whatever type of music you’ll be playing on your radio station, there’s a good chance that the templates of Vice will be a positive match for you and your audience. The homepage design has a full-width layout that doesn’t look like a typical WordPress website design. The menu bar is hidden by default, only revealing itself when a user clicks on its expansion button, while the floating social share icon that’s always on display makes it easy for your visitors to share your content with their followers, whenever they feel inspired to do so.

As Vice has a single-page layout, the selection of modules reveals themselves as your audience scroll down the page. Some of these modules include the featured artists or radio show hosts section, the events feed, and the video player. The other modules that make up the Vice theme simplify the process of publishing details of your shows, audio releases, and podcast episodes. You can also use the blog templates to publish the latest news.

  • Downloads – 3,102+
  • Rating – 4.63/5
  • Price – $69

4. Chords

Radio Station Theme

Chords has a pre-built website demo that’s been designed specifically for creating radio station sites. While you could use Chords for almost any type of music site, it does have a demo that can help you quickly launch a radio station website with WordPress. The full-width layout of the Chords radio station demo lets you upload large images and use them as the background of your homepage. You can then replace the other demo content with your own text, images, and audio files to set up the rest of your website.

As Chords has its own internal music player, you can share the latest recordings from your radio station with the visitors of your website. Using the events tool lets you promote upcoming special shows or other things that are taking place on your radio station or elsewhere, such as offline events like festivals, club nights, and parties.

  • Downloads – 2,038+
  • Rating – 4.41/5
  • Price – $49


Radio Station Theme

SONIK is a music-focused WordPress theme that’s well suited to creating radio station websites. Although this theme comes with four website demos, the purpose-built radio station option will be of interest to most readers of this guide. While the other demos work well for DJs, musicians, and rock bands that need a stylish website, the radio station website demo has all the features you’re likely to need for this type of project. One of those features is a floating header area that keeps the audio player controls on display at all times.

The schedule section is particularly well-designed, giving you an easy way to display the broadcast times of each show. Thanks to the Ajax loading of the schedule publishing tool, visitors can view the timetables for the different days of the week, without triggering any page loads. This helps create a smooth user experience while visitors are browsing your radio station website.

  • Downloads – 1,678+
  • Rating – 4.83/5
  • Price – $69

6. Sounder

Radio Station Theme

Sounder is aimed at internet-based as well as more traditional broadcast radio stations. The design of Sounder will certainly make a big impact on your visitors. Therefore, if you want to grab the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your radio station website, this theme could help. Although, while the three website demos of Sounder all have bright and colorful designs, you can easily adjust the default settings to change the fonts, colors, and other visual properties of your website, all through an intuitive user interface.

Regardless of which of the three Sounder demos you choose, the audio player will be the central feature of your homepage. Depending on which variation of Sounder you opt for, the audio player could be a simple widget with basic controls or a feature-rich module that also displays the details of the current show that’s playing and information about the one that’s scheduled next.

  • Downloads – 559+
  • Rating –  5/5
  • Price – $69

7. Rare Radio

Radio Station Theme

Rare Radio is a good all-round music WordPress theme with lots of templates and features for radio station sites. The selection of demos that make up the Rare Radio theme covers a range of different types of music websites, including radio station sites. To save time when building your site, choosing one of radio station demos is the most convenient option, as it should provide you with everything you need to get started.

Some of the elements that’ll be part of your website if you import one of the demos into your WordPress dashboard are the weekly schedule that makes it easy for your visitors to see when your shows are being broadcast, a panel for displaying the profiles of the radio station hosts, and a module for promoting events such as special radio shows or upcoming parties and club nights. Rare Radio has full ecommerce support too, thanks to the integration with the WooCommerce plugin. Due to this, if you want to sell anything you from your website, you can do so without too much extra work.

  • Downloads – 404+
  • Rating – 4.90/5
  • Price – $69

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