7 Best Speaker WordPress Themes 2022

If you’re a public speaker who needs a professional-looking website to promote your services online, then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the stylish options in this collection of the best speaker WordPress themes, you’re sure to find a suitable solution here.

All of these themes include at least one complete speaker website demo that can be quickly imported into your WordPress dashboard. However, many of these themes come with multiple demos, giving you even more options for your website. It doesn’t really matter what type of events you speak at, or what type of speaking services you offer, these themes are varied enough to cover almost every type of project.


1. Coaching

Speaker Theme

Coaching is a popular choice and is one of the best-selling options in the WordPress speaker themes category. With close to 4,000 sales at the time of writing, if you’re looking for a tried and tested theme for your public speaking website then Coaching is a good candidate. Also, so far, the people who’ve bought this theme have been happy with their decision, earning Coaching an average user rating of 4.63 stars out of 5. In the package, you’ll find a selection of different website demos that all work well for self-promotion.

So whether you’re a coach looking for new clients or a public speaker who needs a professional-looking website, Coaching might have a pre-built demo that’s suitable for your project. However, regardless of which of the Coaching demos you choose, you can easily display a list of your upcoming speaking engagements on your website as well as publish your credentials in an attractive format that can help you land more bookings from your visitors.

  • Downloads – 6,219+
  • Rating – 4.85/5
  • Price – $37

2. DotLife

Speaker Theme

DotLife has been built especially to help you promote your services online as a speaker or coach. It’s fair to say that DotLife is one of the best multi-purpose WordPress speaker themes. The demos in the DotLife theme package are just as well suited to displaying online courses as they are promoting your capabilities as a speaker. So whether you want to deliver your message in person at events like a conference, or you want to connect with your target audience through online courses, DotLife could be the theme you’re looking for.

All of the seven pre-built demos that you can get access to with this theme would work well for creating a public speaker website. Thanks to their designs that give you plenty of opportunities to display photographs of yourself, they should all make it easy for you to convey your personality to your visitors and connect with them as soon as they arrive at your site. However, if you’re not keen on publishing large photos of yourself on the homepage of your website, you can just as easily use the sliders and other sections to display stock images or other relevant visual content.

  • Downloads – 3,130+
  • Rating – 4.77/5
  • Price – $64

3. BeTop

Speaker Theme

BeTop is one of the newer life coach and public speaker WordPress themes available today. As this is a relatively recently released theme, all of the pre-built content of BeTop has a very up-to-date design. Thanks to this, you’ll have no problem launching a modern-looking speaker website with this WordPress theme. While the BeTop package does include eight distinct website demos, some are better suited to promoting your speaker services online than others. For example, the health coach and motivational speaker demos should be good options for this type of project, while the boxing coach demo might not work as well.

However, as this is a flexible theme, you can quickly edit the pre-built content of the demos to make them better suited to your goals. As BeTop has been designed to take full advantage of the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, you can open up all of the templates and layouts in this drag-and-drop visual editor. Thanks to this, if the style of the therapist site demo or the business expert option, for example, catches your eye, you can quickly modify them to match your vision.

  • Downloads – 642+
  • Rating – 4.75/5
  • Price – $59

4. LifeGuide

Speaker Theme

LifeGuide has just one website demo but it is packed with different templates to help you add a range of pages to your site. Thanks to this, you can easily populate your site with all the content that you think you’ll need to promote your speaker services online. Adding a blog to your website is easy too, helping you to connect with your audience and bring more visitors to your site. If you’re an avid social media user, LifeGuide makes it easy to display the content from your accounts on the most popular networks on your speaker website.

Thanks to this, you can repurpose your photographs and videos from sites like Instagram and Facebook, giving you a quick way to customize your website and share your personality with your visitors. LifeGuide also comes with the AccessPress plugin that enables you to display your social media follower counts on your site, giving you a way to highlight the size of your audience to potential event bookers.

  • Downloads – 563+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $59

5. Everlead

Speaker Theme

Everlead is a life coach and speaker WordPress theme for creating professional websites. If you want to promote yourself and your services online, then Everlead could be the theme to help you launch your website. Aimed at life coaches and public speakers, Everlead has six main website demos that you can use as the foundation for your own site. Among the options is a stylish pre-built speaker website that should provide you with everything needed to connect with your target audience and market yourself as an expert in your field.

As well as the main WordPress speaker website demo, the other demos would work really well for creating sites for wellness coaches, business coaches, and publishing a schedule of upcoming events on your personal website. The demo homepages include full-width sliders for displaying eye-catching photos accompanied by short pieces of text, skills graphs for highlighting your main area of expertise, and panels for publishing feedback and testimonials about your services.

  • Downloads – 520+
  • Rating – 4.50/5
  • Price – $79

6. Rosaleen

Speaker Theme

Rosaleen is described as a health coach WordPress theme, but it is easily applicable to a variety of speaker-oriented websites. Whether you perform speaking gigs about nutrition or fitness, this theme might be a good fit for you. Being fully editable with Elementor and compatible with several popular plugins, including WooCommerce, Essential Grid, and WP Recipe Maker, it’s easy to see why Rosaleen stands to have wide-ranging appeal. Easy customization is the name of the game here, as is accommodating your schedule thanks to the support for the Events Calendar plugin.

The Home 1 demo provides an immersive experience where you can really introduce visitors to yourself with full-width images, CTAs (including popups), contact forms, sliders, and more. The Home 2 demo is quite similar, but it does offer more opportunities to talk about your expertise rather than your personal backstory. Lastly, Home 3 would be great for highlighting your previous speaking gigs, showcasing videos of past events, and prompting further connection via social media.

  • Downloads – 452+
  • Rating – 4.82/5
  • Price – $69

7. Eistruttore

Speaker Theme

Eistruttore is another WordPress theme with a professional design that’s aimed at both coaches and public speakers. If you want to demonstrate that you’re capable of speaking at the biggest events or delivering premium coaching services to high-end clients, then a theme like Eistruttore, with its high-quality design, is sure to help. The main focus of Eistruttore is providing you with a platform to promote yourself online and highlight your best qualities to your target audience.

The pre-built templates also give you lots of space to explain exactly how you can help your clients or provide value as a speaker in order to increase your chances of securing as many bookings as possible. Some of the elements used in the Eistruttore demos that can help you get your message across to your target audience include an animated slider that can be easily customized with the included premium slideshow plugin, feature lists that can be used to highlight your key areas of expertise, and testimonials sliders for displaying feedback from event organizers you’ve worked with.

  • Downloads- 215+
  • Rating – 4.43/5
  • Price – $59

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