8 Best Vacation Rental WordPress Themes 2022

If you want to promote your own vacation accommodation online or create a website for a vacation rental business such as a hotel, resort, or another type of accommodation, then WordPress and a suitable theme is a great choice for your site.

By choosing one of the best vacation rental WordPress themes in this collection, you not only gain access to a selection of high-quality content templates for your site but also lots of features to help make your project a success.

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1. Bellevue

Vacation Rental Theme

Bellevue is a versatile vacation rental WordPress theme with lots of useful pre-built content. The Bellevue theme is now on version 3 and after a recent update, now includes a new online booking system and website demo among its features. Thanks to this, if you use Bellevue to create your vacation rental website, your visitors will be able to complete an online booking through your website, hopefully helping you to secure more reservations.

As well as the online booking system, Bellevue also includes an impressive selection of pre-built website demos. This helps make Bellevue a good option for creating websites for a range of vacation rental opportunities, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, chalets, apartments, and more. The designs of these demos have all been finished to a high standard, with fully modern layouts and components.

  • Downloads – 11,590+
  • Rating – 4.88/5
  • Price – $59

2. WP Rentals

Vacation Rental Theme

WP Rentals is a theme that lets you list vacation rentals and take online bookings directly from your website. WP Rentals works well for a range of rental businesses, giving you seven different website demos to choose from. Among the options is a selection of different vacation rentals, aimed at city breaks, beach holidays, and hotel bookings. There’s also a boat rental option for those offering nautical vacation rentals. However, the designs of these demos can all be easily customized to help you adjust them to better meet your requirements.

So that your website visitors can find the type of holiday rental they’re looking for, this theme includes an advanced search tool. Through the tool, your visitors can enter their criteria using drop-down menus, date pickers, and more, to quickly filter the rentals that match their preferences.

  • Downloads – 10,115+
  • Rating – 4.82/5
  • Price – $69

3. Real Estate 7

Vacation Rental Theme

Real Estate 7 is primarily a WordPress theme for real estate websites but it also has a good vacation rental demo. If you check out the Real Estate 7 demos, you’ll see that there are actually two demos for creating vacation rental websites with WordPress. These two demos are both ideal for listing just one vacation rental, such as your own vacation home that you rent out when you’re not using it, as well as creating sites that list multiple properties or rooms that you or your team manage.

While the designs of the two vacation rental website demos in this theme are both optimized for beach and resort-style vacations, the customization options of Real Estate 7 provide you with the ability to adjust them to suit other types of offers, such as city breaks, nature retreats, and much more. As well as using the page builder tool to personalize your online bookings and accommodation website, you can also use the custom admin panel to make other changes to your site.

  • Downloads – 9,437+
  • Rating – 4.79/5
  • Price – $59

4. Homey

Vacation Rental Theme

Homey is described as a booking platform WordPress theme that can be used for vacation rental websites. Although only relatively recently released, Homey has gotten off to a good start with a positive average rating from its users. This is partly down to its versatile nature that makes it a good choice for a wide range of online bookings and accommodation and rental websites. The attractive and professional design of the Homey website demos will have also helped to make it a popular option among those who want to create their own vacation rental site with optional online booking system.

Among those pre-built website options is a particularly well-designed bed and breakfast website demo that has helped Homey earn a place in this collection of the best WordPress vacation rental themes. The homepage of the bed and breakfast demo should look familiar to anyone who has booked a vacation rental through a site like Airbnb. Using the default layout for this homepage means that your website will feature a live search tool followed by some category selectors for filtering your listings by type.

  • Downloads – 4,818+
  • Rating – 4.70/5
  • Price – $69

5. Villagio

Vacation Rental Theme

Villagio has been designed especially for creating vacation rental websites that list villas and other luxury accommodation online. Whether you want to simply promote your vacation rental online or build a website for listing multiple booking opportunities at a range of villas and other types of accommodation then Villagio should be able to help you complete your project. There might only be one website demo in the Villagio theme package, but that demo is packed with templates and layouts for all the inner pages your website is likely to need.

This includes templates for displaying the full details of each rental option, layouts for publishing a contact page, and an option for displaying your terms and conditions, as well as other pre-built content. As this theme has been built around the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin, you get full control over how your guests can make a reservation, how prices are managed, and how payments are collected.

  • Downloads – 878+
  • Rating – 3.96/5
  • Price – $79

6. Milenia

Vacation Rental Theme

Milenia has five different homepage designs for offering a range of vacation rental opportunities from your WordPress website. Like some of the other items in this collection of the best vacation rental WordPress themes, the website demos can all be easily customized to suit your project. So if you’re not creating a site for listing luxury rentals, city rentals, or accommodation for beach vacations, for example, then you should be able to quickly adjust the default templates to match your goals.

However, if you find that one of the Milenia demos would work well with your website, then you can import it into your WordPress Dashboard in just a few clicks, add your own text and images, and start letting your visitors make bookings through your new website without too much effort at all. When it comes to offering vacation rental bookings and accepting reservations through your website, Milenia includes all the functionality you should need to enable this.

  • Downloads – 827+
  • Rating – 4.92/5
  • Price – $69

7. Erios

Vacation Rental Theme

Erios is a resort and hotel theme with templates suitable for promoting vacation rentals. This theme comes with four different website demos, each designed for creating websites for vacation accommodation. Although the demos are mainly focused on creating sites for hotels and resorts, you can easily adjust them to work well for single vacation rental properties, such as an apartment or other similar types of options. One of the highlights of Erios is the selection of stylish templates for publishing the details of the rooms from your accommodation.

Thanks to the different templates, you should be able to ensure that your website is effective at promoting your vacation rental. The selection of room templates include layouts that feature carousels, interesting grid designs, and hover-activated cards. If you just have one room available, there’s a single room template included, too. This template features a slider for showcasing multiple photos of your room or vacation rental in a format that’s easy to access.

  • Downloads – 656+
  • Rating – 4.62/5
  • Price – $49

8. The Happy Inn

Vacation Rental Theme

The Happy Inn works well for smaller-scale websites, such as bed and breakfast sites as well as hotels and multi-accommodation projects. If you want to use the homepage of your website to really sell your vacation rental opportunities to your visitors, then The Happy Inn theme should be of interest. The default homepage layout features a full-width slider above the fold, which can be used to display a stream of photos from your bed and breakfast, hotel, or other types of vacation accommodation.

As the theme package includes a premium slideshow builder tool, you get full control over how this feature of your homepage works along with the ability to create additional slideshows for use elsewhere on your website. The rest of the default homepage layout has a section describing your rental, as well as a panel for highlighting your featured rooms or other highlights from your rental. Promoting your amenities is straightforward too, thanks to the layout of this page. You can even display photographs from your Instagram account in the footer of your site if you want to.

  • Downloads – 427+
  • Rating – 4.62/5
  • Price – $59

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