8 Best Videographers WordPress Themes 2022

If you’re a videographer that needs a creative yet professional-looking website, then you’re sure to find a suitable set of templates in this collection.

As all of these WordPress themes for videographers have stylish templates and lots of options for displaying videos on your website, no matter which one you choose, you should get access to everything you need.

However, there are also some differences between these themes, including how many website demos and templates you get access to, whether a page builder plugin has been included in the theme package, and what type of video hosting services are actively supported.

1. Formota

Videographer Theme

Formota is another premium WordPress theme aimed at filmmakers that videographers should find useful. Thanks to more than 12 high-quality website demos, all of which are suitable for film-, video-, and movie-related projects, Formota is a theme that works well for creating a wide range of websites for videographers. The homepage designs of the demos can be described as cinematic, helping to give your website a look that’s aligned with your goals.

As you would expect from a premium WordPress theme, the Formota demos don’t just consist of stylish homepage layouts. Thanks to this, when setting up your new videography site, you can draw from a large range of options, covering the services, portfolio, and contact pages. With lots of creative visual elements included in the page designs, such as a slider, full-width images, and hover effects, your pages will not only be informative but also attractive to look at.

  • Downloads – 1,183+
  • Rating – 4.96/5
  • Price – $60

2. Plexx

Videographers Theme

Plexx is a WordPress theme for videography agencies and studios. Thanks to its many templates, Plexx works really well for creating videography websites for individuals and agencies. Whether you want to use your website to promote your video services, or you just want to create a space where you can display your creative output online, Plexx is suitable for both scenarios. As this theme has good video publishing support, you get a lot of options for how you can share these files on your site. 

Some examples include the many different layout types for displaying multiple videos on the same page and the video playback modes which include full screen, popup, and embedded options. If you want to design your own custom page layouts, you can use the Elementor plugin, which also has good video support.

  • Downloads – 1,058+
  • Rating – 4.96/5
  • Price – $39

3. Mato

Videographers Theme

Mato is a WordPress theme for movie studios and filmmakers that videographers could find useful. It’s fair to describe Mato as a multipurpose video- and movie-focused WordPress theme. Thanks to the library of demos that you get access to in the Mato package, you can choose from a range of visual styles and layouts for your videography website. Whether you want to promote your latest video project online or create a website to share your entire portfolio, Mato is packed with enough high-quality layouts to provide you with all the templates that your website demands.

If you check out the portfolio demo, for example, you’ll see that you can use some very visually appealing layouts to showcase your work, including full-width layouts that are sure to grab the attention of your visitors. The full-screen sliders of this theme are another useful feature that makes it easy to add captivating displays to your website.

  • Downloads – 866+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $59

4. Spool

Videographer Theme

Spool is a theme with six different video-friendly homepage designs for your videography website. The demos all share a distinctive style that will give your website a premium, atmospheric look, especially the demos that use dark colors to decorate your site. One of the demos uses an eye-catching background image display that’s perfect for capturing the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site.

Depending on what type of videography website you want to create, there’s a good chance that Spool could have a demo that’s right for your project. The videographer demo is a good option for promoting yourself and your skills, experience, and completed projects online, while the drone-focused demo works very well for advertising your specialist drone shooting services. Other demos are suited to wedding videographers and movie studios.

  • Downloads – 564+
  • Rating – 4.88/5
  • Price – $59

5. Leitmotif

Videographers Theme

Leitmotif is described as a movie and film studio theme, but anyone wanting to create a video website should find it useful. Whether you’re creating films for a specific audience or producing video content for your clients, the Leitmotif theme should have everything you’ll need to establish an online presence that’s in line with your goals. So if you want to promote your videos to a wider audience or land more clients for your videography agency, Leitmotif has a set of templates that can work well for both types of projects.

After installing this theme, you can choose from the selection of website demos in the Leitmotif package. There are some varied options here, including designs for making yourself the focal point of your website and promoting your abilities, skills, and personality to connect with your clients or forge collaborations for new projects. There are templates for putting your video content at the center of your website, letting your visitors quickly view the work you’ve produced.

  • Downloads – 496+
  • Rating – 4.90/5
  • Price – $85

6. Oni

Videographers Theme

Oni is a professional WordPress theme with a purpose-built videography website demo. When setting your website up with this theme, you can choose from four demos to use as the foundation for your own design. These are all complete website demos, so you could use them as they are, simply changing the placeholder text, images, and videos, or also adding your own design touches to the pre-built content.

Videographers looking for a theme to help them promote their services and business should find that the videography agency demo is a good option for their project. It’s not the only demo in the Oni package, but the agency design does have lots of interesting features that videographers should be able to make great use of.

  • Downloads – 354+
  • Rating – 5/5
  • Price – $59

7. Vidio

Videographer Theme

Vidio is a video manager WordPress theme with a varied selection of templates. Although this theme has been called a video manager by its creators, it should work for any type of project where publishing videos is a core feature. Designed to handle lots of videos, by organizing them effectively and presenting them in a way that makes them easy to enjoy, Vidio is a good match for anyone who has many videos they’d like to publish on their website.

The five different homepage layouts that you get access to with Vidio give you a range of options for how your videos are presented to your audience. As some of the templates look quite similar to the page designs used by YouTube, your visitors should find that this helps them to find their way around your site, as soon as they arrive.

  • Downloads – 306+
  • Rating – 4.83/5
  • Price – $49

8. Odry

Videographer Theme

Odry is a video and photography theme that has good support for both images and videos. Whether you’re only producing videos or photos too, Odry is a theme that could have everything you need to launch a website to promote your services and abilities online. As there are four different homepage layouts in the Odry theme package, all of which are suitable for creating WordPress websites for videographers, this theme is definitely worth a closer look.

As this is a service-focused theme, it should be a good choice for anyone who wants to grow their videography business with their new website. To help with this, the homepage layouts have lots of elements to not only display your work but also promote your services. Some examples include the multi-column sections for highlighting your key features or services using text and icons.

  • Downloads – 248+
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Price – $59

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