9 Best LearnDash WordPress Themes 2022

If you want to publish courses online or create your own learning management system (LMS), this collection of the best LearnDash WordPress themes can help.

Although these themes should work with all of the best online learning plugins for WordPress, they have all been built to integrate seamlessly with LearnDash. As LearnDash is probably the best LMS plugin for WordPress, combining that plugin with one of these themes should provide you with everything you need to publish one or two courses online, build your own eLearning platform, or create almost any type of online course or educational website with WordPress.

1. University

LearnDash Theme

University is an educational WordPress theme built to integrate with the LearnDash plugin. The seven pre-built website demos in the University package cover a range of educational projects, including options for delivering business-focused courses online, publishing educational events, and of course, building websites for educational facilities. The package also includes a powerful page builder so you’re not limited to just using the pre-built website demos.

When it comes to LMS features, including the LearnDash-friendly aspects of University, you get a large library of templates and pre-built content to work with. These layouts ensure that any courses you publish have a professional appearance and that any pages you need to add to your site, such as the contact and about pages, can be quickly created.

  • Downloads – 5,817+
  • Rating – 4.52/5
  • Price – $49

2. Edubin

LearnDash Theme

Edubin is an educational WordPress theme that integrates seamlessly with LearnDash. From building online course platforms and sites for educational institutions to publishing just a single online course and learning content to support your offline tutoring services, Edubin comes with a wealth of templates to help you build the right type of LearnDash-enabled website. While LearnDash is fully supported by Edubin, this theme has also been built to integrate with other WordPress eLearning plugins, including LearnPress and Tutor.

Thanks to this, all of the eLearning and LMS features your project requires will be no more than a few clicks away. Alongside the professional-looking Edubin homepage templates, there is lots of pre-built content for the other areas of your online course website. This includes responsive grid layouts for displaying your courses, an advanced search page with filters to help your visitors find the courses they’re looking for, and templates for the course content itself.

  • Downloads – 2,256+
  • Rating – 4.97/5
  • Price – $49

3. Education Center

LearnDash Theme

Education Center has three homepage layouts to help you publish your LearnDash courses online. The main feature of the homepage layout is the large slider that can be used to display your most important content to your visitors as soon as they arrive at your website. As your visitors scroll down the default homepage layout, they can see a selection of the main courses, the logos of companies you’ve worked with, or brands you’ve partnered with, and then check out the pricing options that are displayed in the comparison table.

You can also use the course calendar widget to share upcoming events, like webinars, course start dates, and more. Other templates in the Education Center package make it easy to publish your courses online. Thanks to the support for the LearnDash plugin, you can simply publish a course on your website and the Education Center theme will ensure it’s nicely presented and properly formatted. The same applies to the events management support, giving you the ability to display the upcoming events from your schedule in a clearly formatted calendar.

  • Downloads – 2,041+
  • Rating – 4.66/5
  • Price – $69

4. Invent

LearnDash Theme

Invent is a flexible educational theme with good LearnDash LMS plugin support. As Invent was built as a theme for creating online learning platforms, the package includes a set of templates that cover the main type of content you might be publishing on your site. This includes custom post types for courses, events, departments, and more. You can then use these post types and their templates to quickly populate your site with the relevant content your LMS project requires.

To help you take full control of the design of your website, Invent comes with the SiteOrigin page builder tool, giving you the ability to edit all of the templates through its drag-and-drop editor. Furthermore, this LearnDash theme comes with a selection of extra modules for the SiteOrigin Page Builder to help you give your pages an upgrade if necessary. There are also some powerful slider tools included as well, making Invent a suitable option for anyone who wants to use slideshows in their content.

  • Downloads – 1,781+
  • Rating – 4.46/5
  • Price – $59

5. Edumodo

LearnDash Theme

Edumodo has a good set of website demos including one that has been built specifically for use with LearnDash. When it comes to LearnDash compatibility, Edumodo has lots of support for this eLearning plugin. For starters, there are LearnDash-optimized templates that can be used to promote your courses, present course content in an easy-to-read format, and display other content that’s produced by the LearnDash plugin. Just as LearnDash integrates with the best membership plugins, so too does the Edumodo theme.

Thanks to this, you can easily add a membership component to your education course, giving you the option of putting your courses behind a paywall that only members with an active subscription can access. Edumodo also comes with the Elementor page builder plugin to help you customize the pre-built content and add extra pages to your website. The premium Slider Revolution plugin is included too, making it possible to create interactive slideshows to promote your courses and share your content.

  • Downloads – 1,585+
  • Rating – 4.21/5
  • Price – $49

6. Educavo

LearnDash Theme

Educavo is an educational WordPress theme that works with all of the best LMS plugins. You get a good range of website demos to choose from, covering many of the different types of LMS websites you might want to build. Due the varied pre-built content, no matter what type of online learning material you want to publish or what type of audience you want to appeal to, Educavo should work well for your project.

With LearnDash, LearnPress, and Tutor LMS among the many third-party plugins supported by this theme, you get plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting up your new educational or online learning platform when using Educavo. Also, as Zoom integration comes as standard with this theme, you can start using this popular video conferencing tool to communicate with your students and other users. Educavo has some high-quality templates that are backed with excellent support for LearnDash and other LMS plugins for WordPress.

  • Downloads – 1,561+
  • Rating – 4.69/5
  • Price – $49

7. eCademy

LearnDash Theme

eCademy is a WordPress LMS theme that works well with LearnDash. As well as being compatible with LearnPress and Tutor LMS, eCademy was also built to integrate seamlessly with the powerful LearnDash plugin. Thanks to this, whatever eLearning or LMS features you want to add to your website, you should be able to find the right tool to enable it. eCademy also has a Zoom feature that lets you easily integrate this service with your website to help you deliver learning content online.

eCademy also comes with multiple eLearning-focused demos, making it easy to launch your website. With demos that cover schools, online coaching, and language learning to name just a few, eCademy is a very versatile LMS theme. Elementor is the recommended page builder plugin if you need to edit any of the demo content.

  • Downloads – 1,486+
  • Rating – 4.93/5
  • Price – $65

8. Turitor

LearnDash Theme

Turitor has demos and templates for all types of online learning websites. If you’re choosing LearnDash for your online learning website, Turitor and its demos could be the theme for you. The demos are suitable for those publishing courses created by a single instructor or multiple instructors and sites for educational institutions offering online courses.

To help enhance your website, Turitor comes with a few useful extra features including a form builder tool, a review plugin, and an addon for the Elementor page builder plugin. The theme is also compatible with BuddyPress, giving you even more options to extend the functionality of your site.

  • Downloads – 1,331+
  • Rating – 4.87/5
  • Price – $39

9. Talemy

LearnDash Theme

Talemy is a LearnDash theme for educational institutions and individuals who want to publish courses online. Among the six website demos, you’ll find options for creating sites for universities, building online learning platforms, and publishing one or two courses on your personal site. The designs of these demos are different enough to ensure Talemy will appeal to a wide audience. With a powerful set of theme customization controls and tight integration with the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder plugin, the appearance of your website can be easily modified as needed.

To help ensure your website has a professional look and a user-friendly interface, Talemy includes some useful features. Some examples include the fully responsive design that enables your visitors to access your site and its courses on their smartphones, the code that’s optimized for fast loading times, and the mega menu functionality that lets you upgrade your navigational areas so that your users can find the content that they’re looking for.

  • Downloads – 889+
  • Rating – 4.40/5
  • Price – $59

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